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Over 30 years of helping homeowners find the right coverage.

Home Insurance

Protect your investment with our homeowner’s insurance in Amarillo, TX. We understand that choosing the right coverage for your property can be challenging. That’s where we come in. Our agents are completely dedicated to helping you find a policy that offers the perfect balance of coverage and affordability. For added savings, be sure to ask about bundling your package. Here at Alice Brooks Insurance Agency, we make it a priority to provide you with coverage that fits your specific needs and budget. Our knowledgeable and experienced agents work closely with you to determine the right plan for you. When you come to our office, we focus on you, offering personalized service, no matter what kind of home or auto coverage you need. For more than 30 years, our customers have depended on us for reliable and accurate quotes.

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Home Insurance Plans & Bundles

Accidents happen, and disaster can unfortunately strike at any moment. We understand that your home is your most valuable asset. That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re protected through any of life’s unpredictable circumstances. Whether you’re looking for a single package or you’d prefer to build your own insurance bundles to take advantage of the savings, we’re the agency for you.

Renter's Insurance

When you’re shopping for the right insurance company, it just makes sense to come to the firm that is dedicated to keeping your home covered from theft, weather damage, fire, or other catastrophes. Alice Brooks Insurance Agency prides itself on offering great coverage at the best rates. We allow you the freedom to choose the plan that is ideal for your needs or bundle up for even greater savings.

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Over 30 years of helping businesses find the right coverage.

Comprehensive Business Owner Insurance

When it comes to insurance coverage for your company, you should never settle for anything less than the best. That’s why at Alice Brooks Insurance Agency, our agents strive to find the perfect commercial business property insurance in Amarillo, TX, at the lowest rates possible. There are many risks to running a business, which is why it is so important to have the right level of coverage to protect your assets and interests. At our agency, our team will price match with over 20 companies to find a plan that works for your business’s needs. Reach out to our team today, and let us put our skills and experience to work to find you the ideal insurance plan.

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Protect your Business with General Liability

You have worked hard building up your business, which is why you want insurance coverage that thoroughly protects your hard work. With our expertise, we will ensure that the plan you choose offers the appropriate financial protection your business needs when faced with litigation. Additionally, our insurance agency can help find policies that minimize your financial liability in the event of an accident.

Having these financial protections is even more essential for small businesses since a monetary loss could be devastating to the growth of your company. So when you need comprehensive insurance services to protect the interests of your business, turn to our agents to provide you with the assistance you require.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance That Protects Everyone

Protecting yourself and employees when they’re on the road is a crucial consideration when you have a company-owned fleet or even just a single vehicle. Staff who are registered to drive the car should be made aware of their responsibility as a representative of your company. Still, you are also bound by law to protect them and your business from liability. You also need to be conscious of the consequences of damage to other people’s property and other drivers on the road. In case of an accident, you don’t want to be caught without the commercial vehicle insurance coverage you need. It can be financially prohibitive for your business to recover from the fall-out of an uninsured accident.

We offer comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance with excellent rates to businesses that supply their staff with company vehicles. Our company understands the importance of protecting your interests while at the same time making sure you can serve your customers in the best way possible. Don’t let the worry of what might happen on the road prevent you from adding to your company vehicle line-up. Being mobile is a great way to offer service and convenience to your clients, and commercial vehicle insurance provides peace of mind to both you and your employees.

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